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Athletes do, Actors do, Singers and Music Groups do, virtually every professional has an Agent that represents them. Truth is, Agents represent anyone that wants to make sure they get on the best teams, are invited to be in the best movies, or preform at the best venues. Plus, they make sure they get the best Contracts that cover everything from Pay and Benefits to Schedules that fit their lives. That’s right, they make sure the best of the best get the best of the best. Well, if these folks have Agents then why not YOU? That’s right, you work hard, are the best in your field why not get the best placement available?

That’s where we come in, Big Rig Dream Jobs a part of Prime Trucker Agency offers you that service and unlike Agents in those other industries it costs you nothing. We don’t just slam you into a JOB we work with you and those firms to get you positioned for the best possible outcome. And, if things don’t work out we are always here to help you move on PLUS if we hear of an opportunity that would improve your situation we will call you just like Agents in those industries we mentioned.

So, are you tired of dealing with the BS in the trucking industry when trying to find a good position…??

I’ll help you:

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$66,000-90,000 Average Per Year.

Detention Pay

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